Dongguan red rich lighting technology Co., Ltd.

           Dongguan city red rich lighting technology Co., Ltd. is the leader of the LED lighting industry. It is also one of the listed companies listed in Qianhai. The stock code is 669296. At the same time, the company provides stock incentive measures to highlight the employees, making it a shareholder of the company and becoming a platform for the internal creation of the company.

          The company was founded in 2010, the workshop area is about 3500 square meters, with LED lighting, industrial and mining lights, street lamps as the leading products, other indoor LED lighting products as a supplement. At present, there are important departments such as mold, plastic injection, die casting, product manufacturing, SMD processing and so on. Hong Fu lighting is a high-tech enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacture and sales. It was also recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2015.

         The company’s products are mainly exported and sell well all over the world. The main products are: LED light, LED lamp, LED street lamp, LED wall lamp, LED shoe cabinet lamp, LED lamp tube, LED negative ion bulb, LED shooting lamp, LED down light, LED panel lamp and so on.

         MAIN PRODUCT: LED light,

         LED lamp

         LED street lamp

         LED wall lamp

        LED shoe cabinet lamp

        LED lamp tube

        LED negative ion bulb

        LED shooting lamp

       LED down light

       LED panel lamp

       CONTACT US:

       Company name: Dongguan red rich lighting technology Co., Ltd.

       Contact: Ms. Zhong Yanqing

       Contact phone: 0769-87812588

       Fax number: 0769-27204451

       Mobile phone: 15118503469


       Zip code: 523762

       Company home page:

       Company address: No. 3 Fuxiang street, Huang Niu Pu Industrial Zone, Huang Jiang town.


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