Vehicle demand drives LED product upgrades, and future LED lights will be more intelligent.

          The development of LED bulbs in recent years, in addition to the largest consumer market lighting, in recent years, LED manufacturers are fully engaged in the car market, relative home lighting, the car market concerns the problem of safety, the product specifications are higher, and can also be combined with the development of artificial intelligence. The LED industry says that the most convenient thing for future consumers is that the LED headlights will be more intelligent and safer than before.

          New LED car headlights, no longer use a single lamp body modeling, is a more avant-garde LED grain lighting array layout, building vehicles more avant-garde advanced visual effect, more important, can be arranged through array type, easier to control lighting brightness, and even illuminate angle.

         Under the premise of environmental protection and energy saving, the general daily life lighting demand is gradually replaced by the traditional light source with better performance of energy saving LED. The proportion of LED in the overall lighting market has been increased from 24% in 2014 to 39% in (2017) years, and the growth is quite fast. At present, it is also an important trend of future lighting applications. In the automobile industry, LED lighting applications are not involved in the use of low power consumption environment, atmosphere lamp, reading lamp and so on. In recent years, the use of lamps, fog lamps and even more difficult headlights has been gradually applied in the past few years. Enter the related application development.

        According to LEDinside, the LED market last year was $2 billion 817 million, and LEDinside was expected to grow 12.45% this year, with the strongest growth in headlights, fog lights, and car panels.

        Due to the promotion of high power LED technology and the fall of LED price, the external LED lighting is gradually transferred from the high order car to the middle order car, of which the growth of the far and near lamp market is the most amazing. The market output value of LED in the far and near lamp application will reach 1 billion 462 million US dollars in 2020, and the compound growth rate of 2016 to 2020 is 15.8%. The LED industry also believes that in addition to LED’s better lighting quality in the future, it will also make the driving safer through the intelligent control of the light source.

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