Shenzhen City Chau Ming Polytron Technologies Inc

                Shenzhen City Chau Ming Polytron Technologies Inc, a professional LED application product and solution provider, is mainly engaged in the three major plate business of LED full color high-definition display, LED professional lighting and urban landscape lighting. There are more than 20 controlling shares under the flag, marketing network and classic cases all over the world, and the global overall performance is 5. It is in the forefront of the industry in the year. Adhering to the “bright world, lighting a happy life” enterprise vision, to provide global customers with high quality, high performance LED full color display, LED professional lighting and urban landscape lighting series products and solutions.

               The company was founded in 2004, successfully listed in 2011, the stock code is 300232, with excellent quality and good reputation won the “Shenzhen city mayor Quality Award – encouragement Award”, “Baoan District District long quality award” and a series of awards.

              Chau Ming technology focus on products and technological innovation, in the industry leading the small spacing, LED super TV, naked eye 3D display, optical communication, intelligent lighting and other technical trends, the world’s first naked eye 3D LED super TV, the first indoor lighting positioning application project in Changzhou, 0.8 point spacing LED screen Global first push, UHP series first 16 9: the golden ratio, the UHQ series pioneered the pre smart maintenance, the Chow Ming smart street lights to boost the smart city trend… With honor witness the enterprise innovation strength, its “Black Agate” series display has successively won the Chinese Red Star gold medal, the Japanese G-mark award, the most influential gold medal in Asia, the American Industrial Design Award, the German IF gold medal, the German Red Spot award 6 international awards, and the SHARK series LED road lamp won the “China LED first gold medal”, Chau Ming self The intelligent street lamp has been successfully applied to Shenzhen people’s southern road, Songshan Shaolin Temple and Yinchuan municipal square, and has led the trend of intelligent street lights.

              The display products and solutions of Chau Ming technology are widely used in the global security and control center, the military command center, the emergency command center, the radio and television control system, the energy dispatching system, communication, transportation, sports events, customs and so on. Many classic cases have been built at home and abroad, such as the 60th anniversary celebration of China’s founding. Classic Tiananmen square big screen, Shanghai World Expo, Shenzhen Universiade, the London Olympic Games, the Brazil Olympic Games, Hongkong 20th anniversary garrison hall, nineteen more than the national television studio, The Belt and Road International Forum, the World Heritage Convention, the 2017 FINA World Championships, the European Cup Stadium FINA classic screen display Project case.

             Chau Ming science and technology energy-saving lighting products are also widely used at home and abroad. LED lighting renovation projects are all over the five continents, including the 107 National Road, Sichuan Tibet highway, Guangzhou Shenzhen high speed (the industry “five first”) and the “San Shan Wuyue” (Taishan, Heng Mountain, Mount Huangshan, Songshan) area of LED street light transformation, abroad Street lighting projects throughout the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Malaysia, India and other countries and regions.

            On the aspect of landscape lighting, in 2017, Chau Ming integrated the professional and experienced elite, formed a targeted project team, and created a combination of art, technology and culture, providing customers with a comprehensive one-stop solution of urban lighting construction, planning, design, melting and investment, construction, and operation. Plan for design and implementation of lighting and engineering services and lighting system solutions. At present, it has successfully completed the Hangzhou G20 summit, Shanghai Center Tower, the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion, Qingdao West Coast new city lighting, Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition and other large landscape lighting projects.

            Chau Ming science and technology company:

            Shenzhen Dior Vision Technology Co., Ltd., is the world’s leading creative visual display expert in the LED industry, dedicated to the stage creative display of LED products and solutions supply, and its creative customized products are widely used worldwide; its developed “Black Agate” display has won the global industrial design Oscar gold Awards — 6 top international design awards, including the German IF Gold Award and the German red dot award.

            Guangdong Chau Ming energy-saving technology Co., Ltd., is a professional LED outdoor lighting manufacturer and outdoor lighting energy management (EMC, BT, PPP) solutions supplier, is the national development and Reform Commission for the record of the fourth batch of energy-saving service company. The company has EMC, BT, PPP project experienced high quality marketing team and management team, the core product LED street lamp has been successfully applied to more than 100 countries and regions.

            Shenzhen Lan Pu Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a senior enterprise in the LED industry. It is a major supplier of small and inside distance between home and abroad and the research and development of sports display screen, and is committed to become an excellent supplier of international and domestic advertising and sports display solutions.

           Shenzhen City Rose Technology Co., Ltd. is a characteristic supplier of LED photoelectric display products and system solutions, leading the industry in the display field of LED lamp screen and LED grid screen

           Shandong Qinghua Conley city lighting research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. is one of the few lighting engineering companies in China which has a special class of first grade lighting engineering, city and road lighting engineering, and a number of grade a qualification of environmental art design.

          Shenzhen City Angel Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., professional DOB LED LIGHT ENGINES application and decorative lamps and lanterns solutions supplier.

          Wan Ping An Internet technology exchange, and operating on the basis of BAT, assembled from Internet professional team, through the “Internet plus display” thinking, make the screen network control, Internet video content, intelligent scene interactive, intelligent services online trading and maintenance control center, dedicated to providing the next generation of outdoor Guangzhou Advertisement (smart advertisement) helps users find beauty and make the display closer to users.

          Dongguan AI Jia Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., a professional lighting enterprise specializing in high-end building space, VF Lighting is the outstanding professional lighting field in China. It has provided the most professional lighting service for more than 200 large and high end projects all over the country.

          Hangzhou Bo year intelligent optoelectronic Limited by Share Ltd, participated in the design and implementation of the Shanghai center, Dalian China World Trade Center center and Wuhan Green Space Center and other super high-rise building floodlighting and lighting show projects, in the field of urban landscape lighting participation in Hangzhou G20, West Lake and Mount Huangshan and other cities and landscape lighting projects


         LED display screen:

         LED lighting

         LED smart street lamp

         LED outdoor lighting

         LED street lamp

         LED tunnel lamp

         LED light

         Charging pile

         LED indoor lighting

        LED ceiling lamp

        LED tube lamp

        LED optical engine

        LED commercial lighting

        Urban landscape lighting

        Municipal Tourism lighting

        Lighting electric business platform

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        Headquarters: No. 112 Yongfu Road, Qiaotou community, Fuyong street, Baoan District, Shenzhen.

        Pingshan Science Park: No. 6 Lanjing Road, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen

        Dayawan science and Technology Park: No. 3, Longsheng five road, Dayawan West, Huiyang District, Huizhou.



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