Shenzhen Cohesive Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

            Shenzhen Cohesive Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Hongkong Poly Group. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the group. It was established in 2007. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of LED solar street lamps, LED solar insecticide lamps, LED power sources and LED intelligent lighting lamps.

            The cohesive lighting has the senior specialized R & D team and the cohesive LED light – Sound – electric – human induction laboratory, the built-in LED intelligent drive line, which is the crystallization of the cohesive electronics experts for many years. The product is used for 24 hours continuously for more than 5 years, the failure rate is less than 1 per thousand, the power saving is 100%, and the service life is the traditional fluorescent lamp source More than 20 times, has been approved by the national level patent.

            The series lighting products include intelligent lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, engineering lighting, landscape lighting and so on. Through years of technical precipitation and market proof, the LED drive line created by the cohesive lighting is more than 20% energy saving than the same kind of market LED products. It can truly achieve energy saving, environmental protection, low thermal efficiency, no sound, no glare, mercury free, lead resources, no electromagnetic wave, no radio interference.

           With its own original intelligent line technology, the cohesive series lighting subverts the traditional light emitting mode, and realizes the humanized combination of science and technology with human, material and natural phenomena, and realizes no flicker, no glare, no radiation, no injury, no injury, and real health.

            Lead the life new fashion, let the new modern living environment energy saving, environmental protection as the idea, the cohesion lighting to lead the lighting enterprise to realize energy saving in energy saving with intelligent LED products.

           PRODUCT CENTER:

           LED solar street lamp

           LED City circuit light

           LED induction ceiling lamp

           LED intelligent induction lamp

           LED bulb lamp

           LED tube lamp

           LED tunnel lamp

           LED shooting lamp

           LED solar insecticide lamp

           LED T8 lamp tube

           LED lamp tube, lamp head

           CONTACT US:

           Company name: Shenzhen Juli Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

           Contact: Ms. Wang Liting

           Contact phone: 0769-82002758

           Mobile phone: 13415901885


          Company home page:

          Company address: Jin Lei Industrial Park, No.1, Fumin Road, Fenggang Town, Dongguan.


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