India consumer survey: nearly half of LED usage, brand is still preferred.

According to India’s Eletimes website, Century LED has conducted consumer surveys in four cities in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai and Bangalore in India, hoping to understand consumer preferences and to decorate the way of buying space lights and consumer spending.

The survey conducted a survey of 150 consumers, mostly young people aged 25 to 35, accounting for 68.6%, followed by 36 to 45 years and 46 to 55 years of age, accounting for 16% and 9.6%, and last 55 years, accounting for only 5.8%. Consumers are randomly selected regardless of sex, age and socioeconomic status.

The main results of the survey:

Of the respondents, 49.7% used LED as a home or office lighting model, and 46.2% used CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lamps), and the remaining 5.1% and 1.9% used fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs, respectively, because the light bulb was low or they didn’t understand. At the beginning of the survey, 7.3% of participants did not know the type of bulb in their home / office. This shows that these people need to raise awareness of the lighting industry.
Of these respondents, 35.7% of them bought their own lights. Sometimes, buying a lamp is a father’s decision, accounting for 49.7%, and the rest is the husband’s decision making, accounting for 5.1%, and the percentage of women buying the lamp accounts for 9.5%.

When asked about the energy efficiency of the lamp, about 82.2% of the people mentioned the LED bulb. The remaining 15.3% and 2.5% thought that energy saving lamps and fluorescent lamps were the most energy-efficient. Therefore, it can be observed that these respondents know that incandescent bulbs are not part of the field of energy conservation.

According to the survey, about 40.7% of respondents will buy lights based on energy consumption. The other parameter to consider is the life of the bulb. About 15.9% of the people will check the life of the bulb when they buy it, and 10.8% of them will check the color of the bulb to select warm or cold light when they buy it. The other 16% and 10.8% will buy lights based on brightness and price. Only 4.5% of people prefer to use specific brand labels. In addition, 3% of people chose these factors when choosing bulbs.

About the light bulb brightness, when buying the bulb, 53.5% of the people look at the power, 23.6% of the people look at the lumen, and 16.6% of the people will listen to the shopkeeper’s opinion, and 6.4% will buy the same light as the existing light bulbs.

When asked about brand preference, 61.1% chose Phillips LED, 29.3% chose Syska LED, 1.9% chose Bajaj LED, and the rest chose other brands.

Among the respondents, 48.4% were prepared to replace the old lighting system with LED bulbs, 10.2% did not care about using the light type, and 41.4% considered the future use of LED lighting solutions.

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