Shenzhen VII environmental Lighting Co., Ltd.

               Shenzhen VII environmental Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, the headquarters production base is located in Baoan, Shenzhen, covering an area of 8000 square meters. It established the development strategy of “brand, technology, innovation and leading”, adhering to the management concept of “quality first, service first”, and having offices in the main cities of the country. After years of technology, quality improvement and start-up, VII nostalgic lighting has become the leading LED product R & D manufacturing enterprise in the world, and became a top 100 LED enterprise in China in 2013.

             Wei Sai environmental lighting focuses on the research and development of LED lighting products and LED indoor commercial lighting. The products mainly include LED point light source, LED floor tile lamp, LED washing wall lamp, LED light lamp, LED line lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED flower lamp, LED shooting lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED fighting lamp, LED underwater lamp, LED tile lamp, and intelligent energy saving lamp products are sold to North America, Europe, Australia and Japan and other regions and developed countries. Got the customer’s recognition and support for the LED lighting production.

            Wei Sai has a high quality, professional and strong scientific research and development, manufacturing, engineering construction staff, with excellent engineering performance, the company in the selection of LED materials, parts processing, debugging, installation and other processes have strict quality assurance, the quality of the product has reached the quality standards of military industry.

           The company’s “LED city lighting landscape lighting and LED indoor commercial lighting” are widely used in Government Administration propaganda, station, bank, tax, post and telecommunications, hospital, customs, securities market, bidding market, schools, factories, ports, gymnasiums, airports, industry and commerce, monitoring center and advertising and entertainment. Industry, real estate trading center and other need public window industry as well as expressway, urban traffic management, urban environment lighting engineering, and so on, the first-class product quality, good faith and thoughtful after-sales service, so that the company is deeply trusted and praised by the majority of customers.

         Main project cases: 1, Guangzhou Asian Games three major home pavilions (Tianhe Sports Center Stadium, stadium, Guangzhou University City Roller Skating Pavilion); 2, Guangdong Meizhou city bright seven bridge, Meijiang; 3, Wanda Commercial Square qualified suppliers; 4, the Nanjing Confucius temple; 5, Xi’an garden fair; 6, the Universiade city bright The Brightening Project of the Baoan section. 7, Tianjin Joy City; 8, Hainan Boao Asian Hotel; 9, Hangzhou G20 peripheral supporting lighting projects.

        We will continue to adhere to the tenet of adherence to excellence and user supremacy, provide customers with a warm and thoughtful service, provide the best quality products with the most reasonable cost performance, create a new era of the price ratio of LED in China, and create a brilliant front of the Chinese nation with other industries.


          LED point light source

         LED floor tile lamp

         LED washing wall lamp

         LED light lamp

         LED line lamp

         LED fluorescent lamp

         LED flower lamp

         LED shooting lamp

         LED bulb lamp

         LED fighting lamp

         LED underwater lamp

         LED tile lamp

         intelligent energy saving lamp products

         CONTACT US:

         Company name: Shenzhen Wei Sai Environment Lighting Co., Ltd.

        Contact: Mr. Liu Songfeng

        Fax number: 0755-29741235

        Mobile phone: 18822816911


        Zip code: 518105

       Company address: No. 21, Sun Fu Road, Fuyong, Baoan District.



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