Huizhou Qinshi Da Lighting Co., Ltd.

            The company is founded in 2005. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of LED photoelectric application products and LED energy-saving lighting products. The factory is located near the Shenzhen airport with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The LED products produced and sold are all green, energy saving and environmental protection products. After years of development and innovation, the company has become a shining pearl in the LED lighting industry.

            The main products include: LED fluorescent tube (T8/T10/T5), LED panel lamp, LED bubble, LED light strip series (flexible soft light strip, hard light strip), LED energy-saving lighting series (LED embedded lamp, LED wall lamp, LED mirror front lamp, LED cabinet lamp, LED shelf lamp) and a series of LED lighting products. The company’s products are mainly used in the following fields and places: city lighting, indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising engineering, industrial and commercial lighting, home lighting, hotel entertainment lighting and decoration and so on. At present, the company’s products have been successfully applied to the following projects: Shenzhen subway, Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangdong provincial Passenger Center, Shenzhen Universiade project, Guangzhou Asian Games project, Guangzhou small waist TV Tower project, Beijing TV station, ICBC, Sinopec, WAL-MART, Carrefour, big run hair, and Tesco Home home and so on.

             The company has a workshop area of 10000 square meters, the R & D team has more than 40 people, the business group nearly 50 people, the production line staff nearly 300 people, 4 fully automatic new SMD production line, auxiliary production line more than 60, in order to make the company more competitive and meet the maximum customer needs, the company has set up a number of high culture. A high quality, high level R & D and management team can develop different products that meet the needs of the market according to customer needs. Truly: “want what you want, sincerely enjoy” product development, design concept; the company adopts fully automated SMT equipment, reflow welding equipment and Bo beacon welding equipment to complete the automatic operation process of different products, with integral ball, illuminometer and other professional optical testing instruments; the company’s monthly production volume: 800-1200 million yuan; public The company has a professional sales team, the panel lamp exports more than 10 thousand PCS per month, LED fluorescent tube export more than 50 thousand; product annual sales of over 160 million yuan;

            Main product:

            LED Fluorescent lamp

            LED Panel lamp

            LED Light Bar

            LED tube lamp

            LED wall washing lamp

            LED ceiling lamp

            LED street lamp

            LED tunnel lamp

            CONTACT US:

            Contact: Ms. Yu Shujiao

            Fax number: (86) 7527217660

            Mobile phone: 13662478342


            Zip code: 516000

            Company address: Huizhou City Zhongkai hi tech Zone, Huizhou street, Xi Keng Village, Qin Shi Da Industrial Park.



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