Zhongshan HUICAI Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

            Zhongshan HUICAI Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (original name: Nakayama Ichieaya Lighting Appliance Factory) is the production base of Hongkong HUICAI Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. in the mainland of China. The company is located in the hometown of the great man – yoiling Town, Zhongshan City, beside the beautiful Qijiang River, adjacent to ancient god Road, Qijiang highway and Sha Gu highway traffic. Li. Our company is committed to creating famous brand enterprises of outdoor lighting products. With professional design team and unique production technology, we develop and produce a series of products with energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness and low light decline. It serves the high-end market in the industry. It is one of the high-tech enterprises that focus on the anti water and LED applications of LED lamps and lanterns in China. ?

           The company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of LED outdoor lighting products and commercial lighting products. The company has 1000 square meters of existing LED finished products workshop, 3 professional engineers of R & D department, 10 sales elites, 50 production staff, and sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to join. The company’s products have LED outdoor lighting products: LED line lamp, LED wall lamp, LED lighting lamp, LED ground lamp, LED underwater lamp, LED wall lamp, LED moistureproof lamp, LED street lamp, LED point light source, LED solar street lamp, LED commercial lighting, sunlight tube, track lamp, panel lamp and flat panel lamp. The company now has agents in Beijing, Harbin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Ordos, Changsha and other places, and invites agents from all over the country to join. The overall strength and scale of the company are among the best in China’s LED outdoor application industry. ???

          Quality of survival and customer focus are our service concepts. We will do our best to meet the needs of customers both at home and abroad and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. We sincerely invite all the new and old customers to visit our company in the most sincere sincerity.

          Main product : LED Cast light

          LED wall washing lamp

          LED line lamp

          LED underwater lamp

          LED fountain lamp

          LED corrugated lamp

          LED street lamp

          LED moistureproof lamp

          LED point light source

          LED Underground lamp

          LED solar street lamp

          LED track lamp

          CONTACT US:

         Company name: Nakayama Ichieaya Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

         Contact: Ms. Zhang Hengfang

        Contact phone: 0760-23661352

        Fax number: 0760-23661352

        Mobile phone: 18688121516


        Company address: one of 4 buildings, 91 Sheng Yu Street, San Sha Village, Yulan town.

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