Zhongshan Mingjian Lighting Co., Ltd.

                Zhongshan Mingjian Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional production road outdoor lighting facilities and various street lamps, LED lights, LED lighting, outdoor lighting production and sales of high quality outdoor lighting and engineering facilities of professional facilities. Main production: landscape lamp, high pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, LED street lamp, solar street lamp, LED lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, ground lamp, no pole lamp, sculpture small, lift lamp, lighting engineering, and other related accessories enterprises.

               In terms of design, we use Masamune Ayaka electric appliance to develop the international road outdoor lamps and lanterns products, and are the core business of Shanghai Ya Ming electric appliances. In order to meet the requirements of different environment, different functional modeling lamps and lanterns are developed. The scenery complementary street lamps combine the light matching performance of road lamps and the reflection characteristics of different objects, and open the innovative road outdoor lamps, street lamps and LED lamps and brightening engineering technology. In the development of the garden lamp series, it meets the lighting effect of the urban environment, and establishes high quality, high efficiency, economical and beautiful, safe and reliable products, and provides a variety of choices for the pursuit of perfect people.


             The large street lamp, LED lighting and LED landscape lamp, high pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, LED street lamp, solar street lamp, LED lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, buried lamp, no pole lamp, lift lamp, lighting project are widely used in municipal engineering, garden, park, Development Zone, square, villa area and public. Road and other places, the factory has strong technical force, complete equipment, excellent quality, advanced and unique design, various styles, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, perfect testing means, update quickly.


            In construction, the company takes the concept of perfect and rigorous outdoor lighting as the spirit of management. The project manager responsibility system is implemented, and construction is strictly regulated according to the national construction technology standards and safety standards. On after-sales service, the company set up a full-time after-sales service department, the implementation of a single project responsibility system, the implementation of regular visits and

           PRODUCT CENTER:

          Outdoor lighting series:Cast light,Street lamp series,Road lamp,The street lamp head,Landscape lamp,LED street lamp,Solar street lamp,High pole lamp,Scenery complementary lamps,yard lamp,Chinese lantern,Lawn lamp,Stadium lamp,Camera pole lamp,Wall-top Lamp,

         Led series:LED road lamp,LED patch lamp belt,LED wall washing lamp,Other,LED landscape lamp

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         Zhongshan Mingjian Lighting Co., Ltd.

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