Zhongshan XIN Si Li optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

            Founded in 2008, Guangdong Zhongshan xin Si Li optoelectronic Co., Ltd. has been focused on the development and production of LED lighting products since its establishment. After years of technology accumulation and experience precipitation, new scarlet has already owned optical system, intelligent control system, intelligent drive design system, structure design system in the field of LED lighting. The independent intellectual property of the heat dissipation system.

           New scari always adhere to quality based, technological innovation as the driving force, new scarlet has grown into LED outdoor lighting products, the front-line brand of landscape lighting products, professional LED outdoor lighting design, installation, system solutions to solve suppliers.

           For many years, Xin Si Li has created many classic lighting engineering cases, we will continue to adhere to the professionalism of professional and focused, to provide people with high quality light environment!


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