Zhongshan pinshang Lighting Co., Ltd.

           The product is illuminated by Shenzhen Jia Wei PV lighting Limited by Share Ltd (shares: Jiawei shares; Stock Code: 300317) all subsidiaries and lighting brands.

           Founded in 2004, lighting is a mission of “providing lighting system solutions, improving human life quality and living environment” as the vision of “responsible, continuous innovation, lighting system solutions leaders” as a vision, is a professional lighting company integrating production, research and development and sales. Ming as the core, supplemented by household lighting, outdoor lighting and other LED lighting products, with core products to promote development, to create a comprehensive and high quality LED lighting product line. The products mainly include: LED light source, ceiling lamp, wall washing lamp, ceiling lamp, spotlight, down lamp and intelligent control system.

         Around the core strategy of “wisdom in the application”, set up “light intelligence application system” service platform, in product design, product manufacturing, business customer service, lighting design, after-sales service five levels, all directions for Hilton, Shangri-La, Sheraton and other five star wine shops, Wanda Plaza, the window of the Zhengzhou green space, Nanning, Nanning, the Mixc and other comprehensive shopping malls, YOUNGOR, CABBEEN, HSI dragon, PEAK, brother and other clothing chain, Beijing Zhongnan Golf Garden, Guangzhou Hengda headquarters office building, Foshan Wanke garden and other real estate lighting field provide system lighting services, and for the city government buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, finance And many places such as entertainment places provide professional lighting system solutions.

        Product lighting in a professional way to temper the brand, with a responsible attitude to improve the image, after the development, there are more than 500 marketing outlets, distributed in the country’s major cities. The company adheres to the steady development strategy, establishes an efficient and professional supporting service system, is committed to the construction of the marketing network of the national sustainable development, forms the effective network layout, and realizes the long-term development goal of the company.

       The company has a first-class quality management system, in the production process of strict implementation of the ISO9001:2015 quality certification system, products have passed the CCC, CQC security and other authoritative institutions certification, and innovation to guide the development, focus on the protection of independent intellectual property rights.

       With its forward-looking market thinking, in-depth lighting understanding and high quality service ability, the products have won extensive recognition of the society and the market. They have successively obtained “Guangdong provincial high-tech enterprises”, “Guangdong famous brand products”, “famous trademarks of Guangdong province”, “Guangdong Province in 2009” and “municipal credit enterprises”, “city level” Enterprise technology center “and other honors.

       Lighting on products is good at using light and better understanding of “lighting solutions”.


      Commercial lighting:ceiling lamp , integrated flat panel lamp, spotlight, LED lamp panel, ceiling lamp, down lamp, rail lamp, grille lamp bracket

      Hotel lighting:Tube lamp,Wall lamp

      Office lighting: grid lamp, panel lamp

      Light source:Electrical & Electronics,light source


      Address: No.5,Chuang Yi Lu, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong

      Phone: 0760-22137776

      Fax: 0760-22137771

      National unified customer service telephone: 400-883-2009


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