Xiamen Shibei science and Technology Co., Ltd.

             Founded in 1999, Xiamen Shibei Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise integrating product design, research and development, production and sales. The company has set up the seven major undertakings of lighting, electrical, electronics, cable, electrical appliances, intelligent electrical appliances and bathroom. Focus on the development and production of LED general lighting, LED mobile lighting, electrical sockets, wall switch sockets, home cable, radio and TV sets, small household appliances, intelligent electrical appliances, water heating bathroom products.

            The company has an industrial base in Fujian, Guangdong and Nigeria in China. It has a operating center in Xiamen, Fujian, with a manufacturing plant of 80000 square meters and more than 2000 core employees. Seebest product line is rich, professional manufacturing capability, independent research and development capabilities, and always adhere to the brand line, products sold to more than 30 countries around the world. There are about two hundred thousand terminal distribution partners throughout the country, and overseas branches in Africa, Europe and the Americas, and have established friendly and cooperative relations with nearly one hundred professional institutions abroad.

           Seebest’s vision is to become China’s first class innovative manufacturing brand enterprise. In the past twenty years, internal repair, refinement and refinement, innovation in product diversification and team specialization, the perfect combination of multiple and professional, unique and proud in the industry. Seebest brand with strong differentiation advantage is entering thousands of households with high quality products and profound enterprise connotation.

          Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “sharp innovation, striving for perfection and dedication” and the values of “the enterprise and the employees grow together to improve the quality of life as the ultimate goal”, the seebest team will work harder, further strengthen the sincere cooperation with all the friends from all walks of life, and pay attention to your needs, high efficiency and honesty To provide you with better products and better services. The Shibei people will interpret the “good life, the use of sight shell” as an enterprise demand.


         Energy saving light,Bulb,Ceiling lamp,Tube lamp,Kitchen and toilet light,Ceiling lamp,Desk lamp,Cast light,Ballast,Mining lamp,Fresh light,Flat lamp

         Base type socket,Reinforced socket,High power socket,Functional socket,Outlet type socket,Engineering Series,Special series,Circuit breaker

         Electric kettle,Electromagnetic furnace,Rice cooker,Electric pressure cooker,Electric fan,Heater,Health pot,Water bottle

         Plastic shell lead-acid flashlight,Plastic shell lithium electric flashlight,Strong light aluminum alloy flashlight,Lead-acid headlamp,Lead-acid searchlight,Lithium electric searchlight,Emergency lamp,Night light,Catch scorpion lights,Lithium electric headlamp,parts

        Lighting business department

       Phone: 0592-7769719

       Contact: Miss Wu

       Fax: 0592-7093838


       An electrician

      Phone: 0592-7769701 7769702

      Contact: Miss Fang

      Fax: 0592-7769750


      Two electricians

      Phone: 0592-7769168 77695177769813

      Contact: Miss Cheng

      Fax: 0592-7769755




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