Zhongshan lingchuang lighting Lighting Co., Ltd.

          Zhongshan lingchuang lighting Lighting Co., Ltd. is located in the capital of China, the capital of the Zhongshan Ancient Town. It specializes in outdoor lighting engineering, outdoor lighting, research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Enterprise more than 3000 square standard production workshop more than 100 production front-line staff, more than 30 technical personnel, sales business more than 20 people. Located in Zhongshan Ancient Town facing 23 provinces, 4 municipalities and 5 autonomous regions throughout the country, we carry out a series of first-line brands of municipal engineering, such as hotel lighting project, real estate Brightening Project, commercial Brightening Project and so on. We bring all the LED products of reliable performance and moderate price to all corners of the country. These products are unique and super. Energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance free, long life, widely used in home decoration, urban lighting, advertising and commercial venues, public buildings, the decoration and beautification of the human landscape. Enterprise management concept: taking quality first as the goal, oriented with good faith service, market benefit as the center, and product innovation as the motive force; the factory can design and make up according to customer’s sample, manuscript. LED application products have broad prospects for development and endless potential. In this new and fast developing field, we will pay attention to the integrity management and pay attention to the double win. We will continue to learn, innovate, create efficient, energy-saving, environmental lighting lighting and excess value services to guide the market, serve our customers, welcome customers from all over the country, discuss cooperation.


       LED wall washing lamp

       LED light

       LED digital tube

       LED Underground lamp

       LED point light source

       LED street lamp

      LED guardrail tube

      LED hard light strip

      LED underwater lamp


      LED Flood Light

     Underwater lamp

     Small power LED point light source

     LED starlight

     LED window table lamp

     LED corrugated lamp

    Contact us:

    Contact phone:0760-22537955

    fax of company:0760-22383274

    national sales hotline: 400-996-9936

    office address: 18 4F, No. four street, South four street, Cao Er Sha Industrial Zone, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

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