MicroLED transfer was breakthroughs?

Optovate Ltd., a MicroLED optical expert in Oxford County, UK, announced that they developed a MicroLED technology that would take one step in one step to transfer multiple MicroLED from the wafer to the substrate to achieve an accurate optical array.

The 20 patent portfolios that Optovate has approved since 2008 and is under review are all around the technology.

Optovate has made two major breakthroughs in its MicroLED. First of all, it developed a unique MicroLED technology transfer, can be extracted from the wafer to MicroLED for display and lighting on the back. This method can be extended to large size substrates, providing an economical and efficient way for MicroLED applications.

Secondly, Optovate also developed a method for producing and integrating precision optical arrays. The array combines the light refraction and light reflection of each Micro LED to various displays. The LCD backlight and solid-state lighting have controllable lighting, ultra-thin, low thickness and other significant advantages. These two innovations related to MicroLED transfer and light control of micro optical elements can be combined with other methods and can also be used separately.

Paul May, business director of Optovate Ltd., explained: “with the rapid increase in the market’s interest in MicroLED, Optovate believes that the best way to explore MicroLED technology is to cooperate with the right organization to provide the development resources needed for a rapid release of a large number of products, and interested parties please contact us.”

Optovate co – founder Jonathan Harrold commented: “for a long time, our MicroLED method is counter – trend – now it has changed. Our patented technology is likely to break the display and LED lighting value chain. We are really the first to understand the importance and importance of optical elements in MicroLED arrays for displays and lighting systems.

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