Mitsuo Aurora

       Since its founding, it has been committed to developing, producing and popularizing high quality green lighting products. It provides a full range of lighting solutions and professional services for customers. It is one of the most competitive lighting brands in China.

     The company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in March 17, 2017. The stock referred to as “auroral”, stock code 300625.

     The company’s headquarters in Panyu District, Guangzhou, has 5 major production bases in Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Chongqing and other places. It produces hundreds of millions of lighting products, such as LED, fluorescent lamps, etc., involving commercial lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, home lighting and other fields.

      Over the years, the three male Aurora has always carried out strict quality control and control system, through ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, ISO9001 international quality system certification, energy saving certification, 3C certification, CE, VDE, TUV and other certification.

      Auroral perfect sales network and service system. In China, more than 60 large and medium-sized cities have established permanent offices, with sales terminals of more than 3000, and sales and service outlets all over the country. At the same time, the company actively expands the new business. Customers can enjoy professional services in product selection, lighting design, technical consultation, installation and maintenance, and after-sales service.

      National efforts to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, three male Aurora actively respond to the national call, in the industry is the first to launch a “light health” as the theme of the promotion activities, to promote a more scientific way of lighting, to build a harmonious and healthy lighting space. The products come into thousands of households, widely used in large stores, star hotels, high grade office buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, airports, high speed rail, subway and other places, and participate in the 15 Olympic venues, such as the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), the National Conference Center, and other more than 10 venues in Shanghai (“one axis four Pavilions”, the Expo. InterContinental Hotel and so on, as well as Guangzhou Asian Games and other famous projects. In recent years, the three dragon Aurora has been widely promoting more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, efficient and durable LED lighting products, and has been recognized and trusted by customers.

     In the era of LED lighting, the three male lights will continue along the road of energy conservation and environmental protection, and work together with you to perfect the “light and space” to create a better future.

     Product center:

     Light source:Vesicles / Blister,The lamp cup,T8 straight tube,T5 straight tube,Low voltage soft light belt,High pressure soft light belt,LED power supply,Lamp box lamp

     Commercial lighting:Downlight,Smallpox lamp,T5 support,Showcase lamp,Guideway lamp,Grille lamp,Ceiling lamp

     Engineering lighting:The lamp disc,Bracket,Ceiling lamp,Emergency products,Hanging lamp,Explosion proof lamp

     Home Furnishing lighting:Living room lamps,Dining lamp,Light in the bedroom,Children’s lamp,Kitchen and toilet light,Mirror front lamp,Balcony lamp,Wall lamp,Lamp / ground lamp,Home tube lamp,Intelligent products

     Outdoor lighting:Cast light,Floodlight,Point source,Line lamp,yard lamp,Pool lamp,Buried lamp,Lawn lamp,Wall lamp,street lamp,Tunnel lamp,Tent lamp

     Home lighting:A chandelier,Ceiling lamp,Wall lamp,Mirror front lamp,Downlight,Lamp / ground lamp

     Contact us:

     Company headquarters

     No. 132, Wei Chung Industrial Zone, stone wall street, Panyu District, Guangzhou

     TEL:020-28660333 FAX:020-28660389 P.C:511495


      business mailbox:

      recruitment mailbox:

      Beijing business center

      Building 22, ten district headquarters, No. 188 Southwest Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

      TEL:010-87761226 FAX:010-87761168-8022 P.C:100070

      Shanghai business center

      Zhongshan Changning District Road, Shanghai City No. 999 China International room 1409

      TEL:021-32503826 FAX:021-32503825 P.C:200051

      Guangzhou business center

      Room 1316, CITIC Plaza, 233 Tianhe North Road, Guangzhou

      TEL:020-38912952 FAX:020-38772085 P.C:510613

      Chongqing business center

      Room 2403, block B, Fortune Tower, 9 East Honghu Road, Yubei District, Chongqing.

      TEL:023-63021631 FAX:023-63735150 P.C:400010

      Tianjin business center

      Hedong District of Tianjin City, the new open and Huaxing Road junction Bohai Powerise center room 2008

      TEL:022-24335260 FAX:022-24335262 P.C:300000

      Nanjing business center

      Five years of Building No. 139 Baixia District of Nanjing city Hanzhoung Road, room 2201

      TEL:025-84752616 FAX:025-84752618 P.C:210000

      Chengdu business center

      1-22-4, 1, Wangjiang Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

      TEL:028-85292829 FAX:028-85292628 P.C:610021

      Zhengzhou business center

      Room 2101, East Unit 6, Jincheng International Plaza, 18 Dongfeng Road East, Zhengzhou

      TEL:0371-65861733 FAX:0371-65861755 P.C:450008

      Xi’an business center

      11 floor, No. 90 Changan Road, lingxiucheng Yanta District of Shaanxi city in Xi’an Province


      FAX:029-85225291 P.C:710065





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