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      Dongguan King Sun Au Optronics Co (stock abbreviation: King Sun optoelectronic; Stock Code: 002638), national hi-tech enterprise, Guangdong LED Industrial Alliance unit, national accreditation Laboratory (CNAS), post doctoral research workstation, focus on LED application technology innovation, marketing model innovation, business model innovation, Service innovation, and so on, is LED outdoor lighting, LED indoor lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED rail traffic lighting, LED medical lighting and other products comprehensive application solutions suppliers and excellent business model providers. In November 2011, King Sun optoelectronic was officially listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, becoming the first high-power LED listed company in the industry.

      Products information:

      Jen Neng LED lamps, a good energy saving fighter, and Jen Neng are lighting replacement products for factory offices, supermarket classrooms, and comprehensively promote the replacement market of lamps and lanterns. Good light Jerry, save money and save trouble. Jerome /Gensave products (Jerome LED ceiling lamp, Jerome LED tube, Jerome LED sky flower lamp, Jerome LED bulb, Jeremy LED support lamp, Jeremy LED lamp, Jeremy T8 tube, Jeremy daylight tube, etc.), super high cost performance, energy saving warrior, leading industry revolution. The main channel for investment is /Gensave, which is the first choice for lighting. Good light Jerry, save money and save trouble. In the coming years, engineering replacement market is the largest market for LED to replace traditional light sources, and is expected to exceed trillion scale. In order to quickly cut into the replacement of the market, optoelectronic business model innovation, the launch of the “lighting replacement” rich plan, the introduction of a series of lighting replacement products, cooperation partners to seize the market. Join us.

      Outdoor lighting:Tunnel lamp, Floodlight ,Cast light,yard lamp,Lawn lamp,Linear wall washing lamp,Buried lamp,Wall lamp,Contours lamp,Point source,area lighting,Corridor lamp,Road lighting

      Independent light source:Lamp tube -ST,Pluggable tube -SE,MR lamp,GU lamp,Parabolic Aluminum Reflector light,AR lamp,Candlestick lamp,Bulb lamp -SA

      Indoor lighting, medical lighting, home lighting, office commercial lighting, lamp tube light radio lamp product catalogue products, LED tube lamp, led shooting lamp, led guide lamp, led grid lamp, led ceiling lamp and so on.

      The indoor lighting and lighting environment is divided into commercial lighting, home lighting, office lighting and so on. Commercial lighting is mainly used in the commercial environment, but it is not absolute, the products are mainly concentrated in the LED tube lamp, led shooting lamp, led guide lamp, led grid light, led ceiling lamp and so on. These products can be used in commercial environment such as supermarkets, stores, stores, etc., and can also be used in home environment. Home lighting mainly refers to the home lighting environment, home lighting products require relatively low relative engineering, the products are mainly concentrated in the LED ceiling lamp, led chandelier, led embedded lamp, LED floor lamp, LED desk lamp, led wall lamp, LED bulb, LED lamp, etc. Industrial and office lighting mainly refers to the lighting environment of school, company office, factory, warehouse and so on. The main lamps and lanterns are mainly led lamp tube, and there are led ceiling lamps and LED light guide lamps.

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