The fourteenth Shanghai International LED Exhibition

You can’t miss the global LED industry “weathervane” event.

      one The buyer is the most globalized

LED CHINA has been for eight years in a row, attracting more than 130 countries and regions of professional buyers to visit and       purchase each year. It is the most international exhibition of buyers in the world’s similar exhibitions in the world. With the shortest time, you can push your products to all parts of the world, saving time, labor and cost.

39% industry related units / agents / distributors / trading companies.

23% advertising design / production company / PR company

12%. Building decoration lighting / urban landscape lighting / garden design and other units.

10% stage /KTV/ entertainments

8% large enterprises and all kinds of advertisers

4%. Municipal traffic planning institutions / public utilities / government procurement departments.

2% industry associations / institutions / research institutions

2% other

      Two advantages of the most professional products

LED lighting is an important part of the LED CHINA. With the rapid pace of replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting, the half exhibition chamber of Commerce on the scene exhibits all kinds of new research and development new LED lighting products at the same time. Its energy saving and environmental protection effect and new shape design are all attracting attention.

LED display as the world’s most authoritative LED display, the trade effect is recognized by the industry, nearly 300 enterprises are competing for a large area of high precision, high quality LED display products, in order to highlight the brand strength.

LED advertising light source is widely used for lighting, logo lighting and backlighting decoration in airport, subway, shopping malls, star rated hotels and other industries.

      Three, the world’s largest and most complete industrial chain LED event.

Including LED display, LED lighting, LED ad light source, LED chip, LED package, LED equipment, OLED and other whole industry chain, it is the best shortcut to set up industry brand and establish industry network.

LED street lights / tunnel lights, etc.

LED outdoor lighting

LED fluorescent lamp / lamp, etc

LED indoor lighting

LED net lights / Christmas lights, etc

LED decoration lamp

LED car lights / traffic lights

LED all kinds of lighting accessories

LED ad light source /

LED neon lamp

LED display screen

LED, LCD TV and related control system

LED back light

LED chip / epitaxial chip / epitaxial chip and related substrate

LED packaging and supporting materials

LED manufacturing equipment and testing instruments

OLED/LD/EL/ laser sensor and so on

      Four innovation O2O2O business platform, making business easier

The “online – offline – online trading” platform (O2O2O), jointly developed by two major industry giants UBM and Alibaba undertakings, offers exhibitors and buyers an exchange and appointment service on the front line. Through this platform and overseas buyers trading, you can enjoy a series of security services, so that your business is more assured and easier to deal with.

      Five globalization extension network

Joining LED CHINA, we will hand in hand to the UBM group’s 30 national subsidiaries and offices, and cooperate with more than 200 professional media around the world to provide you with a global promotion.


       Time: 2018.09.19–2018.09.21

       Location: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center, Longyang Road 2345

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