Lin sen Limited by Share Ltd

       Our Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 1997. The main brand identity for the M.L.S. “.Stock Code: 002745

       M.L.S. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprises China photoelectric leading set of LED package and LED application products as one of the. With efficient and precise production, R & D and testing equipment, combined with advanced production management technology, it has become a global LED production enterprise.

      “Mu Lin Sen lighting” is the honorary trademark of the Limited by Share Ltd, which has been providing customers with high quality and reliable quality lighting for many years. These products have gradually become the mainstream and industry standard of the market.

       Lin sen lighting to provide lighting, energy saving and environmental protection products to hundreds of millions of users.

      Product Center:

1  LED Ceiling lamp

2  LED ceiling-mounted luminaire  

3  LED  road lamp

4  LED Kitchen and toilet light

5  LED ]flush light panel

6  LED Candle Light

7  LED Bulb

8  LED tube

9  LED Guideway lamp

10  LED grille lamp

11  LED Light belt

12  LED Filament lamp

13  LED Flat head lamp

14  LED Flying saucer lamp

15  LED Light source module

16  LED Flat lamp

17  LED bath heater

18  Patch series

19  Digital tube series

 Contact us:

Service hotline: 400-697-0303

Address: No. 1 China Xiaolan Town of Guangdong city of ZhonShan province Lin sen Road

Zip code: 528415

Phone: +86-760-8982 8888

Fax: +86-760-2382 6666 

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