Shenzhen Ke Shun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company profile:

       Shenzhen Ke Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is one of the first batch of domestic LED packaging enterprises. The company integrates R & D, production, sales and service as an organic whole. With excellent technical strength, advanced production equipment and strict quality management take LED industry.

       Shenzhen Ke Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. has been established. It covers an area of about 15000 square meters and produces 6000000 lamps in daily production capacity. It is one of the only enterprises that can reach more than one million in daily production in China. Our main production and sales plug-in LED, LED infrared tube (850, 940), LED ultraviolet tube (380), patch LED, high-power LED (0.5W-500W), LED application products (LED lighting product category: LED sound stage lamp, LED wax lamp, LED lamp string, module, soft light strip, hard light strip, LED lighting lamps, rail lamps, rail lamps, LED panel lamp, LED lamp, lamp, induction ceiling lamp, induction fluorescent tube, intelligent controllable ball bulb, industrial and mining lamp, LED fighting lamp, buried lamp, etc., the company has many advanced high precision plasma cleaning, solid crystal, welding line, point powder, automatic splitter, high and low temperature aging room, adjustable constant temperature constant humidity tester and so on At the same time, the company has always studied and updated the new technology and new fields to ensure that the company maintains the leading position in the packaging industry at home and abroad.

      Our company has always paid attention to quality management, the pursuit of “product quality zero defects”, continuous technological innovation, from materials to technology design to product manufacturing in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system standard standard operation. The company also carries out the activities of “7S” (collating, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, attainable, safe and economical) to create a good working environment and improve the efficiency in an all-round way.

      Ln line with the enterprise tenet of “sincere solidarity, pioneering and enterprising, dedicated dedication and first-rate ambition”, the business philosophy of “strengthening management seeking efficiency, improving quality for survival, doing well service and seeking good faith and developing” is the goal of “optimal quality, best service, and the best price”, in the LED industry the army protruded and became the leader in the industry.

       Classification of product information:

      1  LED packaging device

      2  LED drive power supply

      3  LED indoor lighting

      4   LED Landscape lighting

      5   LED Automobile lighting

      6   LED advertising and identification

     Contact us:

     Contact: Ms. Zhou

     Phone: Chapter 0755-83728785/13723707365/’R

     Cell phone: 13560784976

     Fax: 0755-29004415

     Address: Guangdong province Shenzhen city Longhua Dafen Minzhi Industrial Park


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