The most famous LED lighting brand in China

LED Is a new type of semiconductor solid light emitting device, when the two ends with forward voltage, carrier in semiconductor composite induced photon emission to generate light. LED made of different materials will generate different wavelengths of light, thus forming different colors. LED has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small volume, long life, no pollution, fast response, low driving voltage, strong earthquake resistance and high purity of color. It is known as a new generation lighting source and green light source. It is widely used in various areas such as indication, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and city night scene. According to the different functions, it can be divided into five categories: information display, signal lamp, vehicle luminaire, LCD screen backlight and general lighting.

At present, the global LED industry can be divided into four major regions. First, Europe and the United States take the general lighting as the main direction, emphasizing the high reliability and high brightness of products. Two is Japan, the most comprehensive technology, both general lighting, or backlight display, have a strong strength, the development of the direction of both general lighting, cars, mobile phones and TV. Three is South Korea and China Taiwan area, with the laptop screen backlight, LED-TV backlight and mobile phone backlighting as the main direction of attack, large shipments, low unit price, low profit. The four is the mainland of China, which mainly focuses on outdoor display, advertising screens and lighting. In recent years, with the strong support of China’s LED industry, all links of the LED industrial chain in mainland China have been developed rapidly, and a number of well-known LED lighting manufacturers have emerged. Let’s follow CCTV to find out which brands are on the list.

1 OPPLE lighting
Guangdong OPPLE Lighting Co., Ltd., the ten largest luminaire brand enterprise, China’s top 500 brand value        enterprises, China lighting industry.
Foshan electrical lighting Limited by Share Ltd, lighting and energy-saving lamps ten brands, China’s well-known LED lights brand, China well-known trademark.
3, “lang.”, “langxuan electrician”, the brand of Lonon group — langxuan electrician, China’s ten largest electrician brand, China’s ten largest switch socket brand, and China’s famous brand.

4, bright and colorful. It is one of the brands of Liang Xin group. It is China’s ten largest lighting brand. China’s famous lighting brand.
5 okes lighting
Okes lighting was founded in 1993 ten, Chinese lighting brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China, China such certification, Guangdong Province
6, the source of the “Yu Yu Yuan” group, founded in 2000, is a national high-tech enterprise, the ten largest solar brand in China, and the solar street lamp product of China.
OSRAM Lighting Co., Ltd., China’s lighting, -LED lights ten brands, energy-saving lamps – ten major brands of eye protection lamps, the industry well-known brands.
8, NVC, Huizhou NVC Technology Co., Ltd., ten brands of energy-saving lamps, ten major lighting brands, well known trademarks in China and famous brands in Guangdong Province.
9, Zhejiang Sunshine Group Limited by Share Ltd, the ten major lighting and lighting enterprises, the first batch of national enterprises and patents advanced units.

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