To expand market share, OPPLE lighting down the standard lamps and lanterns prices

               OPPLE lighting 2017 income structure: household lighting income accounts for about 40%; commercial products accounted for 20%; electrical products accounted for more than 20%, light source products accounted for less than 20%; 1Q18 company’s active downregulation of standard products (such as standard ceiling light, commercial lamp, etc.) prices, […]

India consumer survey: nearly half of LED usage, brand is still preferred.

The fourteenth Shanghai International LED Exhibition


MicroLED transfer was breakthroughs?

Optovate Ltd., a MicroLED optical expert in Oxford County, UK, announced that they developed a MicroLED technology that would take one step in one step to transfer multiple MicroLED from the wafer to the substrate to achieve an accurate optical array. The 20 patent portfolios that Optovate has approved since 2008 and is under review […]

Talk about “high brightness” and “high energy saving” of LED display screen

Interpretation of LED chip


Shenzhen Fengshun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

               Shenzhen Fengshun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the LED energy saving lighting of the stadium and gymnasium. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has been concentrating on the energy saving and green lighting of the stadium and building the independent brand of the […]